Silver Rod Pharmacy

At Silver Rod Specialty Care Pharmacy, we coordinate with the physician, patient and insurers to facilitate the PRIOR AUTHORIZATION process to get vital meds to patients with real needs. We also follow up with timely REFILL REMINDERS, checking on compliance, and documenting clinical information.

Referral Forms below are for prescribing practitioners and not intended for patient use. Faxed referrals forms and accompanying prescriptions (Fax: 888-910-0186) will only be accepted from prescribing practitioners. For E-Scribe, you can find us under Silver Rod Pharmacy, NCPDP# 3377238, 6404 18th ave, Brooklyn, NY 11204.

Dermatology Referral Form

GI Referral Form

HIV Referral Form

Hypercholesterolemia Referral Form

Oncology Referral Form

Osteoporosis Referral Form

Rheumatology Referral Form